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About Us

Chester White House Seals
A Strong Cities, Strong Communities and City of Chester Initiative

“Building a Healthier Chester Community”

Who We Are

A partnership alliance that shares a passion to generate dynamic change within the City of Chester and to build a healthier and vibrant community

A customer-driven coalition that assists the Chester community to meet its healthcare and social services goals by providing access to services, quality services and health education that are delivered in a culturally-appropriate manner.

A coalition that represents the public and private sectors, to include government, health care, faith-based, community, and education organizations

Mission Statement

The mission of the Coalition is to promote collaborations, partnerships, and synergies, and to leverage resources to deliver healthcare and social services to the citizens of Chester efficiently and effectively.  The primary goal of the Coalition is to build a healthier Chester community.


Recognizing the importance of:

  • Individual and community involvement to improve the health and welfare of Chester’s families and individuals.
  • Diversity and cultural differences within the community.
  • Working together as a team to identify and implement innovative approaches and solutions that address health and social services issues within the Chester community.
  • Incorporating tangible and measurable outcomes for programs and activities undertaken by the Coalition.
  • Personal commitment and dedication of Coalition members who devote their time, expertise, and knowledge to promote the Coalition’s mission.

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